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Thank you for visiting my stamp page. 

On the left side there are links to my wants and inventory - list of South African stamps, postmarks an covers.

You can pay your Ebay debits with stamps, covers and postmarks from my list. Please contact my by E-Mail for details. 

Generaly I pay for stamps in good condition from 20 % of catalouge value, for cheaper issues more. I have only a small budget for stamps-buying, if prefer swaping. For Namibia postmarks on cover I pay from 1 US Dollar for clear postmarks.

Please offer the listed stamps in good conditions, all stamps fine postaly used, Union and SWA in horizontal pairs. Red no stamps mint, modern stamps unmounted mint. I’m looking also for Postmarks (on single stamps, blocks, pieces and covers) from Cape, Natal, Orange, Transvaal, Interprovincials, South Africa, South West Africa incl. DSWA and Namibia (all periods), Seychelles incl. ZES and BIOT. Special interests in Mafeking and Transkei Territory Cancels (all periods, on commercial covers, stamps and pieces), Homelands (incl. commercial used covers, stationary, full strikes on piece). For Seychelles cancels and stationary, Cape, South West Africa Postmarks and South Africa Postmarks see separate stock lists.

Joachim Zöllner




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